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We thrive by making organisations more involved with their customers through accessible, shareable & actionable insights.

Meet Sticktail

Collect, search, organize & share insights

  • Everyone contributes

    Insights can be created by an internal researcher, a product owner, customer support employee or an external agency.

  • Uncover trends

    Combined by-catch is far more valuable than any individual study, often hiding signals of customer trends and unmet needs.

  • Reach further

    Teams and individuals can subscribe to insights channels that deliver them everything about a specific topic.

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  • Find what you need

    Connect insights from all departments. Search through text, titles and tags of an insight, study or journey.

  • Organize your insights

    Your insights are no longer hidden in reports. You’re able to create a clear overview by using tags and adding insights to customer journeys.

  • Know what’s going on

    Want to stay up to date, but don’t have the time to check in every day? We’ll make sure you’ll receive emails and notifications of new interesting insights.

  • Spice it up!

    Sticktail will help you to make short, readable and media-rich stories. Insights that are enjoyable to read. Let’s make those insights stick!

  • Share with everyone

    Automatically share insights with your colleagues. It’s also possible to share specific insights or studies with stakeholders by creating a shareable link.

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Any questions?

  • How secure is Sticktail?

    Keeping your insights, files and comments secure is a top priority for us. All communications between your computer and us is encrypted using the latest and highest industry standards. On top of that, both files and insights are stored on encrypted volumes. Read more about our security practices.

  • How can we switch from reports to insights?

    Change takes time, but in the long run it will save time. So you’re still able to upload your reports in Sticktail, but later on you probably don’t need them anymore. We also provide workshops to help you and your colleagues to write valuable insights.

  • How does the subscription work?

    Sticktail’s subscription is prepaid and will be invoiced annually. If you decide to subscribe, we’ll get in touch with you to make sure we have the correct invoicing details.

  • Question still unanswered?

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  • Sticktail gives us structure in documenting our most important research insights. The insights overview helps us to benefit from a new way of working: atomic research. We see Sticktail develop fast (in close contact with us too!) so we benefit from the latest developments in UX.

    Youp van Veen

    UX Researcher @ Randstad

  • Sticktail helps us to spread the voice of our passenger across the company. It’s a great starting point for teams, and for us, when they run into a question or challenge that involves their users. Because we can document insights individually, there is no need to go through numerous reports to find that one relevant thing. The tagging system makes it very easy to look for relevant insights. This makes Sticktail a great tool for us to document and communicate our research findings.

    Marloes van der Windt

    UX Researcher @ Schiphol

  • We love Sticktail because it allows us to tell our stories in a better and more sustainable way. You can feel that this tool is created by people who know what (socializing) research entails. We've also experienced firsthand how our insights were found and used over time, instead of disappearing into the dungeons of a server where hardly anyone will ever look for them again.

    Hélène van den Dries

    User Experience @ WeTransfer

  • We use Sticktail to collect every insight we learn. These insights are based on observations and data from a study. Every employee at DUO is now able to search and retrieve information about a certain subject through those insights. Our knowledge about our users is now easily consumable as it's not hidden in reports.

    Maike Klip

    Design researcher @ DUO

    maike klip avatar
  • As research team we desperately needed a platform that not only makes it possible to bundle and combine insights from several research reports, but also makes it easy to share these insights with many – mainly communication professionals – colleagues within Rijkswaterstaat. Sticktail makes this possible. It is easy to use and the lay out is clear. Our colleagues are satisfied users of Sticktail because they no longer have to plough through thick research reports, but can now easily search for relevant insights by tags.

    Angelien van de Ridder

    Advisor Corporate Communications @ Rijkswaterstaat

    angelien van de ridder avatar

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