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Why we decided to build Sticktail

We believe the current way of reporting research is broken.

After conducting user research for over 17 years, we, the design consultants at Valsplat, think it’s time for a change. We think the current way of reporting research is broken. This is why.

Insights get lost. It is not uncommon for clients to ask us if we want to resend the report of a study we did months ago because they can’t find it. Or, even worse, they want us to test something we already researched for them. They just don’t remember because the report ended up in some stuffy drawer.

Insights don’t find their way to the right people. Insights are rarely only relevant for the team we conducted the research for. Often other people in the company could benefit from the gathered insights as well. We want to make sure research and insights are reaching their full potential and all the people that could benefit from them.

Insights have too little impact. We often tell our clients to come in during the test so they can see the impact for themselves. We do this because it is hard to convey the impact of an insight when you were not there to witness it. So you can imagine a dry report might not be the best way to convey the rich results from a research. Which is why we need richer, quality insights, written in a way that makes it seem you were there.

Insights are stuck in reports. When you’re looking for insights you want information relating to a specific topic. Still, most insights are clustered by date. We think that’s kind of weird and inefficient. We need a more flexible way of organizing insights. One that allows you to browse insights by tags, journeys and personas to quickly get the information you need.

Time for change,

Was signed, Valsplat

This is how we're fixing it

So how does Sticktail work?

Organize your insights by journeys and tags

Instead of having a clutter of insights we cluster them for you. On the homepage, you’ll find all of your customer insights straight away. They’re no longer tucked away in reports. To create a clear overview you can connect your insights to journeys and tag them. That way, insights never get lost.

Follow topics and stay in the loop (soon)

We understand that you want to stay up to date, but don’t have the time to visit Sticktail every day. We’ll make sure you will receive notifications of insights and studies that are relevant to you.

Write compelling, sticky stories

If you want people to read insights, you better make sure you have a compelling story. Sticktail will help you to make short, beautiful, readable, media-rich stories. Stories that will be a pleasure to read. Let’s make those insights stick!

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Everything you wanted to know

Frequently asked questions

How secure is Sticktail?

Keeping your insights, files and comments secure is a top priority for us. All communications between your computer and us is encrypted using the latest and highest industry standards. On top of that, both files and insights are stored on encrypted volumes. Read more about our security practices.

How does the subscription work?

Sticktail’s subscription is prepaid and will be invoiced annually. If you decide to subscribe, we’ll get in touch with you to make sure we have the correct invoicing details.

Can I decide to cancel anytime?

Yes, you can. Because you’ve paid your subscription upfront, we will refund the remaining months in your subscription. For example, if your subscription started on Jan 1st, and you decide to cancel on June 16th, we will refund the period July-Jan.


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